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MRI does service repair on all machines and equipment. Let our service team help you with any
machine that you own or operate. Our parts department can get anything you need for any type
of equipment.

We also offer preventative maintenance plans suited for
your machines. Preventative maintenance is a low-cost
insurance plan for your machine.

Some of the tasks performed on the machine are:
• Way covers pulled back and guides or ways inspected
• Ball screw and bearings inspected
• Machine cleaned to allow proper inspection
• Electrical checks including voltage checks, connections
check for secure
• Wiring and plugs are checked for wear and seal
• Machine level is checked, anchors and locks are checked
• Machine is checked for square and backlash in all axis
• All safety lubricants checked and changed as needed per
manufacturers specs
• Oils and lubricants checked and changed as needed per
manufacturers specs

This is not an exhaustive list but lets you know some of the major tasks performed. As a rule this
service can take from 8 to 14 hours depending on how recently the machine has been serviced.
Normally the first time, if it is not a new machine, it can take up to 16 hours.


1-Day On-Site Preventative Maintenance is $1,850.00 or
2-Day On-Site Yearly Preventative Maintenance Contract is $3,000.00

(Average price by machine type. Hydraulic Oil and Hydraulic Filter supplied by customer.
Customer responsible for disposal of used fluids.)

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